4 ways to beautiful natural beauty not everyone knows

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4 ways to beautiful natural beauty not everyone knows

With four beautiful natural beauty below, you will always confident with your fresh pink lips.
Exfoliation for lips
Not only beauty skin needs to exfoliate the skin. The lips also need to be protected from dead cells. So you have to have the proper method to remove dead skin cells on your lips.
If you do not want to choose the help of cosmetic line exfoliation for lips, then can choose how to beautiful natural lips. That is the exfoliation of the lips, lemon or toothbrush with warm water.
For sugar, just add a little coconut oil then apply to the massage lips gently about 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water is okay. With lemon, you can squeeze the juice to lightly about 1 minute and then rinse with warm water. How to make beautiful lips with a brush and warm water to remove dead cells is also extremely simple. You just dip the brush into warm water then rub it 3-4 times.
Note that you should only exfoliate the lips 2-3 times a month.

Moisturizing is always necessary
Take care of your lips as well as your beautiful face. Always moisturize your lips so that your lips can feel pink. Especially on dry days, lips need more protection. So you have to choose the most appropriate method to make the lips always smooth. Suggested for you when moisturizing the lips are coconut oil, olive oil, Gac oil ... are moisturizing mask natural moisturizer and high efficiency.
Apply a mask to the lips
Just like your face care, your lips should also be beautifully blended with lip masks. Now there are many facial mask to keep lips soft, full of bruise and deodorant that you can choose. With these lip masks, you will know how to make beautiful lips without resorting to lipstick or other means. Just stick to your lips every night, ensuring after a month, your lips will gradually regain its natural color, stretch and full of vitality.
How to make beautiful lips from the inside
The three methods above are the beauty from the outside, the beauty from the inside is the diet that you need to help the lips stretch soft pink. Just like you are beautiful skin, if the diet, eat sleep, no scientific break, although you apply the beauty of modern skin to where it can hardly be effective. It must have a combination from within. So naturally you want natural lips, you must always have good health, diet, sleep science, away from the stimulant ... So you can own the lips stretch natural pinky.

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