6 step skin can not be ignored in winter

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6 step skin can not be ignored in winter

In winter, the skin is usually dry and peeling. You should use mild, less dry skin and have better moisturizing properties.
Dry weather, low humidity in winter makes the skin vulnerable to allergy, peeling, wrinkled. To improve this situation, you need to develop a proper skin care regimen. Here are six essential steps to take to make your skin healthier and smoother:
Step 1: Clean the skin
This step should be performed shorter than the hot days and switch to use mild soothing cleanser, without losing moisture on the skin. With dry skin, you can choose a creamy, foam-free cleanser that will not be dry or dehydrated.
For oily skin, you can use foam cleanser if skin is over-oiled or foamed if the skin is moderately oily.

Step 2: Exfoliate
This is the step to remove the "stubborn" horn cells that do not shave off the natural skin replacement process of the body, helping the skin clear. Exfoliation should be done 2-3 weeks / week depending on skin type and strength of bleach products.
You can use home remedies such as sand and olive oil (exfoliate for dry skin), yogurt mixed with some lemon juice (exfoliate for oily skin).
Step 3: Balance the skin
The skin balance (using rose water) should be applied immediately after cleansing to rebalance skin pH. Make sure you use the correct type of rose water solution in accordance with the cleansing step. Because different cleansers have different pH levels and the level of skin discomfort is not the same.
Step 4: Use moisturizer
Dry weather often causes your skin to lose oil, but accidentally removes the oil from the natural moisture, causing dehydration, dryness. Dry, dehydrated skin, dehydrated dehydrated skin are two most common signs of skin in winter when not enough moisture is provided.
There are many types of preparations used for this step, such as essence, serum, ampoule, emulsion, lotion, cream, ... Choose which type depends on skin type and needs of each person. You should apply moisturizing products in the first, slim, thick aftertaste.
Step 5: Apply mask
Mask is a skin care step that is popular with the sisters because of the ability to provide a large moisture, smooth skin, smooth shine. The cotton pads embedded in a conditioning solution are handy and are generally available to everyone.
Some home-made homemade mask masks can also help brighten the skin and are used about two to three times a week, but notice the effect of sunburn on these fruits. Should not be used in cases of exposure to UV or heat or have had pigmented disorders such as freckles, freckles.
Step 6: Sunscreen
Not using sunscreen in winter is the mistake most women suffer. Remember to apply sunscreen even when it is cold, not sunny. The cancerous ultraviolet rays can penetrate through the glass.
Sunlight should be reapplied every 2 hours on average if exposed to UV light. In addition, the skin should also be protected regularly with SPF 15-30 even if indoors.