7 makeup tips must know to own natural beauty

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7 makeup tips must know to own natural beauty

Not everyone's makeup is easy to own natural beauty. So 7 makeup tips below will definitely help her a lot in the beauty process.
1. Skin care is always necessary
If your skin is fine and smooth, the make-up will be natural. So skin care is always needed, especially with make-up or makeup, because makeup makes the skin prone to dryness, discoloration, and even clogged pores. Before makeup, do not forget to moisturize the skin fully so that the skin is ready to go to the next makeup step.

2. Lightly thin with substrate
For her natural makeup she needs special attention to the foundation used for her face. If you do not smart skin with the cream, it is easy to make your makeup layer look unattractive nature. You should lightly glue the foundation onto the face, combining the same powder that will create the harmony and natural as possible. If you want to cover up the defects that thick foundation cream coating is the wrong you should give up in the makeup phase.
3. Small imperfections, but always needed
It is advisable to choose a concealer that is brighter than a real one and the liquid cream will be better. As with the foundation, you should only apply a thin layer of concealer on the face to create the most natural possible.

4. Draw the eyebrow
Eyebrows are the highlight of each person's face, the secret of a natural eyebrow is to perfect the beauty of their availability. This means that you should use a type of lead that is brighter or closer to your eyebrow color. You should light each eyebrows in the missing spots on your existing eyebrows. If you make eyebrows beautiful when you make makeup, you look much younger.
5. Blush just enough
If you want natural makeup, cream blush is recommended for you. Plus the cream blush is easy to color and natural. You should lightly blush the cheekbones on your cheek area. Note that only pink blush will be more natural than the "two tomatoes" on the cheeks.

6. Stretch lips
You should use lip gloss and lip gloss to regain confidence when makeup. The lips will make the lips look crisper and fuller. Women can use lip gloss to help their faces become youthful and their lips tighter.
7. A total of natural makeup
Finally, the note that women should know when doing beauty is to shade a few light on the cheeks. This will help the face look more vigorous and look more natural.
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