Mistakes can 'ruin' the skin in winter

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Mistakes can 'ruin' the skin in winter

Wash your face with hot water, abuse of moisturizers, not dead skin ... are the beauty of beauty in winter care.
Cold, dry weather causes many skin problems such as chapped, rough, rough, lack of vitality. This condition can get worse if you take care of the wrong skin. Here are the wrong things to do when winter skin care that you need to avoid.
Wash your face with hot water
In the summer, women often wash their face with cold water, whereas in the winter most will choose hot water. This is what causes the skin to lose moisture, dryness, itching, irritation and stimulation of the development of any dead. You should only use cool or warm water to wash your face.

Washing your face with hot water can cause your skin to lose moisture. Photo: Jeedmak.

Abuse of moisturizer
In winter, moisturizers are essential. However, apply too thick moisturizing layer can be reactive, affecting the skin. Moisture exceeds the need to make pores seal, preventing the process of respiration of the skin, easy to acne.
In addition, this mistake can degrade the cell, causing the skin to accelerate aging. So, use the right amount of cream and moisture to match your skin.
The skin does not need to be moisturized
Many girls often misunderstand, oily skin due to excessive moisture. In essence, having dry, dehydrated skin constantly increases the activity of the sebaceous glands to fight the moisture loss that the skin is suffering.
If you have oily skin, choose oil-free or water-based moisturizers to re-establish oil-water balance.

If you have oily skin, choose non-oily moisturizers. Photo: Pinterest

No exfoliating
Exfoliation is a skin care step that is less noticeable and is often overlooked. However, this is a good habit to keep skin soft, smooth and well absorbed nutrients from skin care products.
Skipping this step will cause skin to become dull, dry and flaky. You can use mild or homemade products from coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil, olive oil is also very benign and effective.
Do not drink enough water
In cold weather, we tend to drink less water than summer. This mistake can increase the internal and external aging process. So, when the water is lacking, the skin will reveal wrinkles. When you drink enough water, your blood vessels are not exposed so your skin looks more natural and healthy.
Each person needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but in fact, they should drink more, about 3 liters a day for men and 2.2 liters for women.