Things to know when using makeup powder

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Things you should know

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Things to know when using makeup powder

Powder makeup is gradually becoming the trend of make up and are very popular today. With this make-up, your skin will become softer, more radiant and give you a natural look without any make-up. The powdery alternative to all make-up including lotion, foundation and powder will make your make-up process simpler and easier.
1. What is makeup powder?

It can be understood that makeup powder is concealer, referred to as 3 creams such as BB cream, CC cream and foundation, these creams are incubated in foam pads with a lot of stomata, one set Water pollen always comes with a piece of chalk. When makeup, you use that powdered chalk is creamed in a mattress buffer and spread evenly on the face.

2. The use of makeup powder

  • Because it is water powder, so when the makeup makes the skin becomes more airy, limiting the big disadvantage is that it is easy to clog pores of powder before
  •  Fast drying properties within 30 seconds provide a smooth, lightweight, lightweight finish.
  • The common feature of water pollen is that it is very alkaline, so it is suitable for all skin types including oily skin.
  • The composition of most types of water pollen contains high SPF sun protection index to help protect the skin from weather factors.
  • It is a product line that integrates many beauty applications, so with girls do not have a lot of makeup time, pollen is a perfect solution for you to save a lot of time for yourself. Just clean your face and then coat a thin layer of fine pollen that you have the most natural skin on the go, go out, ....
  • At the same time, using a pollen can save you a great deal of money for buying your foundation, foundation and pastel.

3. Caution when using chalk

  • The texture is so thin that the coverage is lower than the foundation and concealer, so before you decide to buy this concealer you need to see what your skin is in. With a more acne and dark complexion, high coverage creams will suit you better, or if you still want to use a water pollen, apply a concealer before using it. water for the next step
  • Using a pollen you must accept your skin to be shiny than normal, although it is not oil
  • The price of a pollen box is usually higher than other pollen lines.